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Leaders Team

The Lighthouse Church is headed up by Phil and Heather Read who oversee the various leaders' teams

Phil and Heather Read

Phil and Heather started the Lighthouse Family Church along with a small team (many of whom are still at the Lighthouse) in 1996.  Both Phil and Heather now work full time for the church.

Vision Team

The vision team is made up from different areas of the church life.  The team is responsible for much of the activity that goes on in the the church and helps define what church looks like. 

Trustees Team

The Trustees team comprises some of the founder members of the church and has responsibility for the charity and finances of the church.  The trustees also makes sure the church stays on a good biblical footing.

Pastoral Team

The Pastoral Team looks after people in the church.  The team offers prayer ministry for physical and emotional healing and care for those in need.


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