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Our meetings

Our meetings are lively and informal.  There will usually be a time of worship led by a band followed by teaching appropriate to the age group gathered.  We always start with good coffee (and tea for the feint hearted!)

We have a monthly rotation of meetings to cater to the needs of all the age groups in the church, but it's not set in stone so check the website before visiting us.

Our services will be at D22, Holton Heath as follows:

1st Sunday of the month

Morning- Café Church - an opportunity to share a cuppa and a chat with God and your church family.
If you are aged 0-100, then come and join us - there will be good coffee, excellent worship, a short message and lots of activity and chat to engage all ages.
Evening meeting.
2nd Sunday of the month
Morning- Family Church with Kids Groups
3rd Sunday of the month
Morning – Family Church with Kids Groups
4th Sunday of the month
Morning – Pitstop for families at youth Hut
Evening Meeting

5th Sunday of the month

If there happens to be a fifth Sunday in the month - we have a week off and encourage people to offer hospitality to those in our neighbourhoods, families or church.


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